ALTRA100: Conquer Ifugao 2018

By Pinoy Fitness

ALTRA 100: Conquer Ifugao 2018

ALTRA 100 takes place in the highlands of Ifugao, at the seat of the 2,000 years old Banaue Rice Terraces, designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1995, it is commonly referred by Filipinos as “Eight Wonder of the World”.

Set on the best month to travel Ifugao to see the green terraces.

The event coincides also with the annual Imbayahstival, showcasing Ifugao’s cultural pride.

ALTRA100 promises not only to make your eyes fulfilled with the “wow” sites, but to test your heart and mind to survive for the grueling challenges. With the inclusion of Mt. Amuyao, one of the top ten highest mountain in the Philippines and the highest point of Mountain Province, and some of the great rice terraces built more than 2000 years ago, ALTRA100 will surely one of a must run trail race not only by our local runners but also with international athletes.

Now with the inclusion of one of Ifugao’s historic municipality, Mayoyao, to be part of the inaugural edition of 100M.