APRIL 25-29, 2019

Imbayah is a cultural Festival which celebrates the well established conventions of the Ifugao Indigenous tribes of Banaue, Philippines. Previously held at regular intervals, 2016 denoted the principal event to be observed annually. As with numerous Festivals in the Philippines, Imbayah praises collect and fuses customs with thanksgiving to mollify the profound world for arrangement of good reaps.

An important custom is the offering of forfeit and amid the celebration this happens inside general visibility. A parade of Ifugao people in full customary attire happens toward the beginning of the multi day occasion. A local pig will be carried on a shaft and physically slaughtered inside the general population square. Another imperative custom is the forfeit of a chicken which is killed, feathers evacuated then cut open and examined – the condition of innards or bile reflecting either great or awful omens.

The particular remains will be put over a custom box containing otherworldly things. Rice Wine or ‘Bayah’ is aged particularly for the occasion in ceramic pots and jolts and will be shared among the network including guests who are urged to partake. The celebration likewise includes different occasions, for example, the dashing of interesting wooden scooters, a network fun run, marathon, rice processing contests, weaving and customary amusements played by the Ifugao.